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Cada Familia

MLA PTSA raises the funds necessary to provide our school with educational resources, programs and opportunities for all our students and staff. Every year, MLA PTSA calls on Cada Familia or Every Family to pledge their financial support to the school. Our goal this academic year is to raise $100,000 through our Cada Familia giving campaign so that we can continue to supplement the school budget and fund teacher/classroom supplies, learning materials (e.g. online educational programa), arts programs (e.g. visual arts and primary music teachers), support staff as well as professional development for our teachers.

Amidst the challenges presented by COVID, our collective commitment to support the MLA community is needed more than ever. PTSA uses its funds to address issues of equity and access, making sure that grades or classes where families have fewer resources get support they need and that all students can participate in high-quality after school programming. 

We strongly encourage parents to set up monthly donations in an amount that is meaningful to them through our Cada Familia donation page. This allows us to project and plan for the coming year.   

Your Cada Familia donations to MLA PTSA are tax deductible. You’ll get a tax acknowledgment for donations made in 2020 in February 2021. If you need a receipt any other time, please contact the PTSA Treasurer,

Please contact: Ursula Aldana, PTSA President, (; Jon Sullivan, PTSA Treasurer, (, Yanira Cortez, Giving Chair ( for fundraising questions.