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MLA Parent Teacher Student Association

The MLA PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) works throughout our school community to provide support through fundraising, volunteer and community-building opportunities. 

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Become a PTSA member and add your voice to an organization that advocates on behalf of children and educators.


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Cada Familia is MLA's ongoing fundraising campaign and is how our children receive things like art, music, P.E., and more.


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Learn more about volunteering your skills, talents, or time during the school day and beyond.


How the PTSA Supports MLA

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The PTSA subsidizes much of what your child experiences during a typical week, from art and music to P.E., library books and field trips. We raise funds through Cada Familia, our ongoing fundraising campaign, and by hosting two school-wide fundraising events per year: Bailatón and Lee-a-tón

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Community Activities

Join us for coffee on the curb, monthly family meet-ups, cultural affinity groups, family swap and more. Meet like-minded families and make new friends while celebrating everything that makes our community unique. Check ParentSquare and be sure to sync with the MLA school calendar for upcoming events.

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Equity and Access

The PTSA prioritizes the needs, expertise, and experiences of our Spanish-speaking and historically marginalized communities, while leveraging and expanding the support of families with socioeconomic privilege.

English-speaking families: How do we show up to a bilingual school?

MLA was founded on the premise of providing opportunities for native Spanish speakers and newcomers, as well as opportunities for cross-cultural communication, empathy and learning for all students. We invite you to consider the unique dynamics of a bilingual school and engage with this in mind. Check out this article by a member of our community for more information.

Parents, Privilege, and Public Schools

PTSA Reimbursement and Vendor Payment Request form

To request reimbursement or to pay a vendor for an expense that's in the approved PTSA budget, please submit a reimbursement and check request form. You must submit appropriate receipt(s) and/ or invoices with the form.