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A woman artist skillfully paints graffiti on a wall, showcasing her creativity and adding vibrant colors to the urban landscape.

Get Hands-On at MLA!

Specific dates and activities are announced on ParentSquare and in the MLA school calendar.

Note: Volunteering in the classroom or on field trips requires clearance through Oakland Ed Fund

A mural depicting two hands delicately holding a plant, symbolizing growth and nurturing.

PTSA Positions

Shape the future of MLA by joining the PTSA. Many voting positions are open for the 2024-2025 school year, including (Co)President(s), Giving Chair, VP Community Building, and VP Community Action, as well as several project-based roles. 

See open roles here

A woman pushing a stroller on a city street.


Assist with morning drop-off by waving cars through drop-off zones and moving students along. Saludos assignments rotate weekly by grade. Plan ahead and sign up for your child's designated week. 

Three individuals filling a wheelbarrow with soil using shovels.

Power Hour and Green Team

Power Hour: Complete organizing and prep tasks for teachers every other Wednesday morning. 

Green Team: Help us take care of our gardens and outdoor spaces, one Saturday per month. 

Children happily crafting at a table.

Room Parents

Room parents play a very important role in our school in ensuring our students and families stay connected to each other, and our teachers have the support they need to help our children grow as learners. 

Stay in touch

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about volunteering at MLA, please check MLA ParentSquare, sync with the MLA school calendar, or join us at an upcoming PTSA meeting or event